Allen Stanford doesn’t like prison

stanford perpwalk

Indicted billionaire Allen Stanford, who was denied bail because he is a flight risk, is complaining through his lawyers that prison is just, well, icky. It’s hot, “oppressive”, and “intolerable” plus there’s no Internet or computers, and this is just simply beneath the dignity for an important person like himself. Yes, he’s a blowhard and skilled con man.

But, US prisons often are intolerable. Hey, if we get enough jailed billionaires and politicians, maybe we’ll start to see real prison reform. Losing your freedom should be enough punishment, but prisons too often deliberately make the lives of inmates as miserable as possible.

Let me make this clear. My personal feelings are that Stanford is guilty, guilty, guilty. But I take no joy in learning that he, or anyone else in the prison system, is living in harsh conditions. In his case, that’s 10 people in a cage with no air conditioning with a temperature of 100 degrees. What does that accomplish?

I knew a guy who was in a Special Housing Unit in California. That’s when you have no human contact for months, sometimes years on end. Seems like deliberate torture to me. He said when you get out, all you want to do is hurt someone, anyone, anything.

Yes, Stanford is trying to game the system. But that doesn’t mean conditions in prisons aren’t sometimes intolerable.


  1. If we’re lookin’ for equitable exchange, I’m thinkin’ come on out here on the high desert and be homeless for the duration. Come on down here and wonder if you’re back in a tent next week, eat peanut butter for days on end (don’t get me started on the other option). Oh, and your precious Internet? Take your laptop with you everywhere – workin’, lookin’ for work, applying for food stamps, going to the food bank, ’cause if you leave it in the tent…

    Come on down, pissant cock-sucker, I’ll give ‘ya hot, “oppressive”, and “intolerable”.

  2. “with no air conditioning with a temperature of 100 degrees…”

    In California, that’s downright luxurious. I know a guy who did four years at Calipatria, where desert temps often hit 120 and the prison’s proximity to the Salton Sea guarantees high humidity to boot. It’s a hell hole. And to make matters worse, to save money they laid off the kitchen staff and gave cooking duties to the inmates– who stole the food and sold it. If you didn’t have money, you didn’t eat. Before he left, this 6-foot-tall man had dropped to 145 pounds.

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