All-in-one stove, energy generator and fridge for developing countries

score cookstove

The Stove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electricity (SCORE) can generate electricity and provide cooling as well. The price is expected to be modest. This could change lives. It also uses far less fuel than regular stoves, which means less pollution from burning wood and dung.

The electricity generating and refrigerating aspects of SCORE will be operated through thermoacoustic principles, which convert sound waves into heat and vice versa. This technology is far more efficient and less polluting than burning wood in an open fire, currently the primary cooking method of two billion people around the world.

Treehugger has more. Note the cell phone hanging on the back partition. There are many Third World areas now with spotty electricity but soaring mobile phone usage. Now they will be able to recharge mobile devices with electricity generated by the stove.