Schwarzenegger brandishes knife talking about budget cuts. Yuk yuk.

schwarzenegger knife

He then chortles in a video he posted on Twitter about how the the State of California will sell cars on eBay and he’ll autograph them to boost their value. This is what now passes as reasoned political dialogue in California. Like a few extra hundred thousand dollars raised by the Governator signing a car (and how does one do that, anyway?) will help against a $24 billion deficit.

The California budget gets voted on today. It solves nothing and instead loots money from wherever it can and punts the problems down the road a few years, something which seems the height of irresponsibility and cynicism to me.

Local officials: State budget plan is giant ‘Ponzi scheme

A coalition of 188 California cities say they’ll sue the state if the budget passes.

The budget proposal, which could be approved sometime today, calls for the seizure of $1.7 billion in redevelopment money from local agencies, as well as stripping millions of dollars in gas and property taxes from local coffers.