Obama: If I tried to break into the White House, I’d get shot

He also said Cambridge police acted “stupidly,” that racial profiling undeniably happens, and that we need to work towards ending it. He spoke like an adult to adults, no pandering or triangulating, just straight-talk. How refreshing.

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  1. Racial profiling? Naw, it’s an urban legend. (Not.)

    During my recent trip to New England, I ran into an impromptu Border Patrol stop on 91 just south of Montpelier, VT. You’d think, being that close to the border, they might be checking for illegal Canadians or something. They looked in our car, saw my dad and me (good Yankees, both), and waved us through. As we passed, we could see about a dozen cars that had been diverted into the rest area for searching. Several people stood or sat on the lawn while they waited. Every single one of them was non-white.

    I’ve seen plenty of racial profiling in Los Angeles, where (in just one example) an African-American friend of mine’s teenaged son was made to lay face down on the pavement of his own driveway because the cops thought he looked like he didn’t belong in that neighborhood. But to see profiling by the Feds in my native New England took me aback.

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