Nissan Pivo 2 ZEV electric car has wireless charging

nissan Pivo 2 zev

This zero emission electric vehicle from Nissan uses inductive charging and doesn’t need wires or a plug.

The ZEV can now charge in a special parking spot without needing any wires. Inductive charging is still less efficient than wired charging, but for easy, on-the-go recharging, inductive charging offers a lot of potential.

One comment

  1. Not for anything… I’d prefer a plug. The ratio of power loss from inductive charging is tied to the total power transfered. For something small that charges quickly, like a cell phone or a camera, this is great. For something sucking down power like a car, the ammount of power wasted is huge.

    If you have something that can/should be otherwise sealed, inductive charging is great. A car really doesn’t fit that bill in my book.

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