Obama calls on progressive bloggers to help pass health care bill

Obama held an unprecedented 25 minute conference call today with progressive bloggers, asking their help in passing the health care bill.


In a roughly 25-minute session with a handful of prominent progressive bloggers, the president would also ask for help combating disinformation about his health care plan. “I know the blogs are best at are debunking myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets,” he said. “And that is why you are going to play such an important role in our success in the weeks to come.”

Crooks and Liars has more, including audio of the conference call you can listen to online or download as an MP3.

That Obama is asking liberal bloggers for their help indicates a number of things; blogs are beginning to have real political power, the health care bill needs help, and Obama is doing everything he can to pass it.

Remember the presidential campaign? There were several times Obama seemed behind, or slipping. Then, a few weeks later, suddenly he was way back on top again and you realized maybe he’d been playing rope-a-dope.

I sure hope health care passes. Let’s all do everything we can to get it passed. And Obama is at his most effective and lethal precisely when people start counting him out.

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  1. Rhetorical question…

    Where is the line between the President pressuring the citizens to carry out his agenda and the citizens pressuring the President to carry out their agenda?

    This Obama health care thing just seems…backwards.

    Thoughts anyone?

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