Tata Nano. The world’s cheapest car ships

tata nano

The basic version of the Tata Nano costs just $2,531 and has shipped in India. Sure, it’s tiny, and no frills. But millions who want cars will now be able to afford them.

It gets 56 mpg and does surprisingly well on crash tests.


  1. If by “suprisingly well” you mean it would fail several mandatory US tests, and had to have a “remotely triggered air bag” installed to pass the EU tests, then sure… In order to bring a car like this to the US it will need quite a bit of re-work beyond what was done to get it to pass the EU tests (which was extensive). It will probably double the price at least. Still, not a bad price for car, but don’t look for it in the US soon unless you’re looking for a speed-limited urban transport.

    Also, the mpg rating is a little misleading, since they’re using imperial gallons (which are larger than standard gallons) and it’s based on a single occupant. Realisticly these cars in India will probably be used often for family transport, with 3 to 5 people being transported at once. Most families in India have mopeds already, which can seat 3 or 4, and get better mileage than the Tata.

    Add to that: When the Tata does come to the US, they will probably step up the motor a bit to lower the 0 to 60 time (which is now about 22 seconds). Smart did this with it’s micro-car when they brought it to the US, bosting from a 52HP engine to a 71HP engine. Between that and the additional weight (~500 pounds) for new safety bars and such, the mpg droped from 55mpg to about 38mpg mixed.

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