Californians want to know, how do you close a park anyway?

Toganga State Park hiking trail
Topanga State Park hiking trail

The infants in Sacramento continue arguing about the California budget. Reports are they may actually have a deal soon. We’ll see. One thing for sure, budgets are getting decimated and 220 parks and beaches are scheduled to close.

So just how will this done? Put a fence around it with guards? Because otherwise, with no staff, all sorts of fine folks will be wandering in. Homeless looking for a place to sleep. People looking to party. In the more remote areas, marijuana cultivation and meth labs will be sure to appear. And what happens if a hiker needs medical attention?

It’s not a very wise approach because you can’t lock off a state park, there are no fences or defensible barriers around these parks,” said Assemblymember Nava, “people will continue to venture into these parks and beaches knowing the areas will not be policed or patrolled.”

A better idea is to raise fees. But the Governator appears opposed. Closing the parks is a swell way for the state to shoot itself in the foot. yet again.

The projected savings from the closures? “Just $143 million, or .62 percent of the estimated budget shortfall.