Goldman Sachs to make record profits. Far Left asleep.

capitalist pig

The whispers are rampant: Goldman Sachs earnings are gonna top $2 Billion in Q2.

Goodness, is that because Goldman uses their connections with the federal government to create trading programs that allow them to exploit what they know the next trades will be, when no one is allowed too? Or is it because of their their ability to make US prosecutors jump like trained seals upon their command

Even the NY Times and Bloomberg are openly bashing the “Bandits of Broad Street.”

When even the NYT gets into the spirit of eloquent Goldman bashing, you know you are seeing a new cultural zeitgeist take place.

Where is the Far Left on this? Scan the websites of much of the left in the US. There’s barely a peep about any of this. What do they want? An embossed invitation? They’ve been yowling for years about the evils of the capitalist overlords, but when one of the capitalists becomes so greedy that even Bloomberg is stunned, the left is missing in action. Gosh, I guess it’s much more important to stand in solidarity with the Chinese and Iranian governments against the imperialist US or hint how the US must be behind the Honduras coup or something else equally irrelevant and baffling to the majority of the public. Yes irrelevant.

Earth to far left. This is a golden opportunity. People are pissed. The exploitation is clear for all to see. But they need to seize this opportunity while it is here and before someone else does. People who are worried if they will have a job next month and angry at what the banksters are doing, do not not care much about Palestine. Or if they do, it’s way down on the list. The left needs to understand that their core issues are not the core issues of the public they want to organize. Then act accordingly.