The Hurt Locker

We just saw it. Bomb squad in Iraq. You can trust no one on the streets, just each other. It’s in limited release now and has won several awards. When you’re in the kill zone and the other side really is trying to kill you, the primary objective is to get out alive. This is a realistic, tension-filled movie where you care some about the characters in it. But at heart, it’s just a guy flick, with lots of exploding stuff with no real moorings in Iraq itself. It could take place in any war zone. Plus, some of the subplots wander off with no resolution or apparent reason for them being there in the first place.

At one point, when the two main characters are getting drunk and seeing, for fun, how hard they can punch each other in the stomach, Sue leaned over to me and whispered, “please explain your sex to me.” It’s cowboys and Indians with a bomb squad twist. Definitely worth seeing. but given the hype, I was expecting something a bit more weighty.