BNP vote: the racism of desperation

David “Ex-punk. Ex-Trot. Unchanged attitude problem” Dosler blogs about the resurgence of the genuinely fascist BNP in Britain. He wonders where the far left is and why the racist appeal of the BNP.

This is instead a racism rooted in the collapse of social housing, a racism born of the disappearance of blue collar employment and grassroots trade union organisation, a racism of benefit cuts, a racism centred on the perception that nobody in a position of authority really gives a shit. You might even want to call it a racism of desperation.

That’s exactly what it is. But the far left, instead of focusing on issues like jobs, housing, and the cost of living, instead spends way too much time preaching about Iran, LGBT rights, imperialism, etc. The simple fact is, to a working class family getting hammered by the recession, those issues don’t matter. Let me repeat that. Those issues are irrelevant to a working class family worried how to pay the rent this month.

The BNP is appealing to those people at a basic level. The far left is not. That’s why the BNP is succeeding, even if their answer, “blame it on the immigrants” is racist, vile, and wrong.

The far left needs to focus on issues the working class cares about and not what the far left thinks they should care about.

Left Luggage has more on this.

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