End the Hanification

So says Curzon at Coming Anarchy. Based on his trip to Urimqi in 2003, it was obvious Han Chinese had deliberately been given the good jobs and power. So he is hardly surprised by the violence. The Chinese government, whether deliberately or by stupidity, has been provoking it for quite some time by forcing that area to become more “Chinese” and screw the people who already lived there.

China’s government is the biggest loser with the recent explosion of violence. The western press is once again scrutinizing China’s actions. The Uyghurs in Urumqi are outraged that they don’t have immediate news on their injured and dead relatives. The Han workers in the factory in Shaoguan believe that the government is still covering up the rape allegations to protect minorities. And public opinion in China feels betrayed because “their” taxes are financing the development in Urumqi where the riots are happening. For my part, let me point out that the Chinese coverage overwhelmingly, although perhaps not explicitly, points the blame at Uyghurs, and makes the Han out as victims.

They have video showing Han Chinese mobs beating people to death. Uyghurs having been doing the same. Can you imagine trying to live there now?