Biofuel from cooking fat, and bears

So, we’re here in Yosemite and it occurs to me. Maybe using biofuel derived from cooking oil while in bear country might not be the best of ideas, considering it can make the exhaust and maybe even the car smell like french fries and fried chicken.

Yosemite has lots of photos and videos of what bears can do to your car if they think something tasty is inside it.


  1. Hey Bob, I am having the same concerns for my ’03 Dodge SVO / veg truck. I am taking my daughter to Yosemites july 13 and backpacking for 5 days, leaving my french fry wagon behind. I was trying to think if there was an alternate smell, one that would cover up the veg oil smell. Have you learned anything more about this issue? Heard of anyone having any problems? My truck does not run on fuel derived from veg oil (biodiesel) it runs on veg oil! Smell like frys…

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