Chavez playbook fails in Honduras

This would appear to put a whole different light on the coup

With an arrest warrant from the Honduran Supreme Court (hat tip NYkrinDC), the Honduran military today removed from office President Manuel Zelaya, a political protege of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, for proceeding with an illegal referendum designed to lay the groundwork for an unconstitutional additional term in office. Zeleya has been sent into exile in Costa Rica.

Zelaya’s referendum had been rejected by the Supreme Court, the Congress and even his own political party. Zeleya had ordered the military to support the referendum, when Army chief Gen Romeo Vasquez refused, Zeleya attempted to fire him and subsequently took possession of the ballots by leading a large crowd of supporters to a military base where they had been impounded.

Can anyone confirm / deny this?


  1. I think the direct connection to Hugo Chavez is a bit of a stretch. Two days ago no one gave a crap about Honduras, now all of a sudden the Prez is a stooge of the Bolivar revolution? I’m not convinced.

  2. He was limited by the constitution to one term and decreed an election to stay in power. The Supreme Court overruled and had him arrested and exiled. Thats what the major papers are saying. Its too early to jump to conclusions about it until we have had a chance to learn more.

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