Sad day for Green and Latino causes in Los Angeles

Nativo Lopez: Edward Headington photo on Photobucket
Nativo Lopez: Edward Headington photo on Photobucket

Nativo Lopez
, a major Mexican-American activist and former Green Party of Los Angeles County council member has been indicted on felony voter fraud. If true, this means he was fraudulently elected to GPLAC. He is president of the Mexican-American Political Assn and national director of Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana.

Lopez has been charged with four felonies for registering to vote in Los Angeles County using a business address there rather than voting in Orange County where he lives. First off, while not excusing his alleged behavior, four felonies for voting in a county other than where you live seems really freaking harsh.

Also, and I’m speculating here, such a registration would have allowed him to run for GPLAC council, an elective office on the ballot along with other officeholders in regular Los Angeles countywide elections. I was a member of the GPLAC council from about 2001 – 2003. Can’t really imagine why anyone would go to that much trouble to be on the GPLAC council though, considering it is notoriously dysfunctional, continually broke, and trust me, there’s no patronage to hand out or goodies to grab.

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  1. Many Greens in LA County ( and I suspect many Greens in OC as well) have always thought it quite a coincidence, or something else, that the same year Peter Camejo (RIP) was on his eblast rampage within our party agitating the factions and urging people to run for the GPLACC to solve the “LA problem”, that surprise, all of a sudden his friend Nativo Lopez is a registered voter in LA after what, only several decades living in OC and very public activism there, and suddenly running for Green Party County Council in LA.

    Maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe not.


    • And to think I was the one who started the chain of events that led to the “LA problem.” (And when I did so, had not a clue what would happen next.)

      It’s ancient history to me, but perhaps not to all…

      • Amen. I had just become GPLAC Treasurer then, my first and only foray into party politics. So it seems that one scandal was almost immediately followed by another, we just didn’t know it yet.

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