How an indie musician made $19,000 in 10 hours using Twitter

Amanda Palmer tweeted about her band The Dresden Dolls, got a flash mob going, and the next thing you know, she’s selling t-shirts, having an auction, and then a twitter-invitation only gig.

total made this month using Twitter = $19,000
total made from my huge-ass ben-folds produced-major-label solo album this year = $0


  1. The Amanda Palmer album flopped so badly she started giving it away for free. I know. I have it. Good on her for using Twitter. She had to have the followers in the first place, mind.

    Anyway. Speaking of indie music, are you aware of Future of the Left? I thought you might like this:

  2. Thanks for posting this, very interesting indeed.

  3. I just hope that when I sell hundreds of thousands of records on a major label, you’ll still think of me as an “indie musician.”

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