1. Thanks again Bob

  2. The TRUE AMERICANS stand with these freedom fighters. AT least THEY are ABLE to protest – in America we no longer have that freedom ! So fight on for freedom Iranians – because once it’s gone – IT’S GONE ! Look at America now ! WE cannot even drive from one place to another without being attacked by militant police and tasered, arrested, and hugely fined !
    Keep fighting for freedom ! Don’t be like the robotic sheeple in America who did not have the same bravery and guts as we see the Iraninas have.
    Iran – do not lose your nation like the Americans lost theirs !

  3. Sadly, such graphic should been seen without warning, as this I fear is where we are headed. Maybe not out here on the High Desert(s) where DJ and I abide, but as this “economic downturn” continues, as more and more realize that those we have “elected” represent not our interests but those of The Corporation, as densely populated urban areas such as Detroit continue to die before our very eyes…

    Points to ponder:

    The recent (un)employment numbers reflect not a turnaround but the exhaustion of many’s benefits.

    In May of 1970 The Authorities gunned down students on the campus of Kent and Jackson State Universities.

    Best to be prepared, than shocked into (further) inaction.

  4. Richard C Johnson

    How are the masses able to fight the the goverment in Iran? Through comittment and their Islamic faith. Once the Clarics begin to stand up to the dictator, it’s just a matter of time. Remember the citizens of China had no such weapon at their disposal durring their uprising. I firmly believe that this will be the key to the current goverments demise.

  5. Soon the day will come that the members of the Basij are lined up and shot in the neck. I live for that day. They are not Persians, they are Muslim criminals. They are less than maggots. Along with them the mullahs will be next!

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