Could ‘Latvia on the Pacific’ default on its debt

It could happen.

California has $5.7-billion in debt obligations. And while that will grow, debt occupies pride of place in California’s constitution — only education must be paid off before the next slug of cash goes to creditors. Get that? Healthcare, prisons, and other frivolities can all go to rack and ruin, but creditors must be paid, constitutionally speaking.

5 thoughts on “Could ‘Latvia on the Pacific’ default on its debt

  1. Every time I see “Latvia” my comic-book-addled brain reads it as “Latveria“…and then I wonder if the good people of California wouldn’t be better off with a supervillain running things.

      1. By the way Bob (I’m sure EG knows this) did you know Lex Luthor was President of the United States (in the DC Universe) from 2000 – 2004? Neat, huh?

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