May ’09 political blog readership 53% lower than in October ’08

May ’09 political blog readership 53% lower than in October ’08

Left wing blog readership dropped far more sharply than did that for right wing blogs.

I found that page views for all political blogs fell 109,719,615, or 53%. Right of center blogs weathered the post-election season a little better, falling only 37%, while blogs that were left-of-center fell by 64%.

Much of this is due to the huge increase in political blog readership before the presidential election, and the subsequent drop off. Plus, the losing side in most elections tends to be more passionate.

What also might need to be factored in is how much of a jump left wing blogs took building up to the election. I bet it was way more than right wing blogs. Hence they had further to fall.

But the sobering facts are that all political blogs are getting clobbered, and that means way less ad revenue for all of them. Big blogs require multiple servers, bandwidth expenses, consultants and probably employees too. Polizeros costs me a whopping $12 a month to run. DailyKos, I’m sure, costs many thousands a month just to keep it going. And it is still the biggest political blog by far.