Iran bans protests. The people respond

Tehran protest today
Tehran protest today

HuffPo liveblogs the protest

Andrew Sullivan’s coverage has been amazing and comprehensive

Twitter search for iranelection remains the best way to get real time news


Meanwhile, US cable news coverage has been pathetic.

Today, as global geopolitics is shaken to its core by events in Iran, I turned on cable news this morning, and saw endless ads for a Larry King Jonas Brothers “interview”, Morning Joe yukking it up discussing Kuwaiti massage therapists, a video of a tomato throwing contest on CNN, talk radio blowhard Bill Bennett”¦and occasionally a phone call from Christiane Amanpour in Tehran. I can’t even bring myself to turn on the network morning programs, I might vomit.

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  1. From the updates I’ve been following, that’s what one to two million people in the streets look like. “America” couldn’t handle it.

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