Hybrid diesel electric vehicle semi truck


This concept semi truck uses diesel solely to charge the electric motor batteries. The roof is solar panels, the interior mega-high tech, with computer aided everything similar to flying a jet plane.

Visibility enhancements also reduce drag: no mirrors, windscreen wipers or design doodads. The driver is centrally positioned in the conical cab (a 180-degree arc) and this provides for a uniform and panoramic view. The low-cut windscreen would be made from a material that would be strong enough to contribute to the structural strength of the cabin, eliminating the need for obtrusive A-pillars. During wet conditions, the water-resistant windscreen and a series of air jets keep the windscreen clear, eliminating the need for distracting wipers. Conventional mirrors would be replaced with small cameras that do not obstruct the view, and that relay the information to the central screen.

Of course, there are USB ports, connecting devices for computers, and comfortable living quarters as well.


  1. I swear to god I thought of this, two weeks ago on vacation in Maryland. I noticed how damn many semis there were and figured they could benefit from an efficient hybrid system and aerodynamic improvements. The lack of mirrors, however, bugs me. Perhaps cameras with screens inside would suffice.

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