Civil war between ruling class in Iran?

Washington Note cites a “well-connected Iranian” who thinks so.

My contact predicted serious violence at the highest levels. He said that Ahmadinejad is now genuinely scared of Iranian society and of Mousavi and Rafsanjani. The level of tension between them has gone beyond civil limits — and my contact said that Ahmadinejad will try to have them imprisoned and killed.

He predicted that the so-called reformist camp — who are not exactly humanists in the Western liberal sense — may try and animate efforts to decapitate the regime and “do away with” Ahmadinejad and even the Supreme Leader himself.

This is not a vision he advocates — but one he fears.

The Iranian ruling class is obviously split and fractured now. And my sense is the protests are gathering strength. With riots, the ferocity tends to trail off after 2-3 nights. But I don’t get the sense that’s what’s happening in Iran. Instead, either a government will fall or there will be massive repression.