The Global Fight For Climate Justice

climate justice. Ian Angus

Ian Angus at Climate and Capitalism has just published The Global Fight For Climate Justice, with essays from activists worldwide, including himself, on why stopping climate change requires an new economic system.

In 46 essays on topics ranging from the food crisis to carbon trading to perspectives from indigenous peoples, they make a compelling case that saving the world from climate catastrophe will require much more than tinkering with technology or taxes. Only radical social change can prevent irreversible damage to the earth and civilization.

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  1. We may need radical social change, but we’re not going to get it– at least not until AFTER the effects of serious climate change begin to be felt. In the mean time, we’d go a long way toward cutting our impact if we just stopped the taxpayer subsidies of fossil fuels.

    Can you believe it? Rather than TAX carbon, we’re paying to make it cheaper!

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