Laptop follies

Sue’s circa 2001 Dell laptop just died so we tried a HP from Fry’s, but it previously had been opened, and among other problems, Windows Update wouldn’t work. Back it went. Fry’s has a no-questions 15 day return policy, which is way helpful.

Bought a Sony Vaio from them. Great computer except the wireless was totally flaky. Spent hours with it last night, then returned it.

Just bought another HP from Fry’s. This one is new. So far no problems. We shall see!


  1. The Acer laptops have been great for me. I have been thinking about making the latest acer my desktop machine with a docking station……and oh man do I miss Frys! Nothing like it in the midwest.

    • When we lived in CT for a year in 2007, I really missed Fry’s too. For those in other areas, Fry’s Electronics is a major independent electronics store chain in California whose stores are meccas for geeks. Plus, each store has its own theme. South Seas. Ancient Rome. Alice in Wonderland. They are usually larger than Best Buy’s and have iconic status. Plus, they stock absolutely everything. When we were looking for a laptop for Sue, Best Buy had maybe 10-12 models. Fry’s had about 40.

  2. Can you provide more information on this?

    • What info are you looking for? The wireless on the new HP seems to be working well enough. The Vaio wireless was hopeless. Am using an old Linksys Wireless G router, which might need updating. But my one year old HP laptop works fine w/ it.

    • Update: The new HP was having a little trouble at home w/ wifi. Had to disconnect / reconnect after booting to get it to work. But a Windows Update listed a Dec 2008 of the Intel wifi software. Installed it, and all seems to be fine now.

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