What I do

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Ok, after three moves in 28 months things are finally settling down a bit so I can now focus more on some of what I do. Which is:

  • Build and re-design websites and blogs.
  • Create ecommerce sites with shopping carts.
  • Optimize websites and blogs for search engines. Sites that are search engine friendly have more visibility and get more hits.
  • Manage Google Adwords and Yahoo sponsored Search online ad campaigns. These campaigns get results. (You only pay when someone clicks on an ad, and can limit the amount spent per day.)
  • Converting data from one format to another.

Email me if I can help or if you want more info.


    • Last year I traded stock options quite a lot, and did well.This year though, the market seems to make no sense and is obviously manipulated, so I’m barely trading.

    • Sue grew up in SoCal, and I lived in LA for a long time, so moving back to SoCal really seems like home.

      Besides, I discovered that the winter wonderland I loved as a boy in CT was no more, but winter just seemed endless and way too cold. I like living where I can jog year-round. Couldn’t do that in SF because it got too cold / windy and couldn’t do it when we lived in the San Fernando Valley part of LA because it was too hot. However, we’re a few miles from the ocean here and the climate is warm and moderate.

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