The crazy rasberry ant. “An alien species”

The crazy rasberry ant swarms in huge numbers, killing every insect in their path. They get inside electronics and destroy them. Nothing can stop them. Yet another hideous peril from nature, and now they are marching on San Antonio. Truly, we must all be doomed.

Oh wait, didn’t we hear exactly the same thing about killer bees, who were supposed to destroy all the native bees along with making us afraid to go outside because of their fearsome stings. But that never happened, right?

So, I’m not going to worry about it. You can, if you want.

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  1. It sounds similar to a species of red ant they have in Sri Lanka. They were tiny, but could chew through plastic bags and consequently got into anything edible. They would crawl up the threads of a peanut butter container, between the lid and the jar. I tried putting the jars in a container of water, but they walked across the water. The only way I could keep them out of my food was to keep it in a latching, hard-plastic, air-tight container. (They always questioned those at airport security!)

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