We just bought a Ford Escape

ford escape

Sue sold her VW bug diesel when we lived in SF because a) it needed major repairs, b) the dealer offered us an excellent price for it, c) we didn’t need two cars because we lived next to a BART station.

However, that changed once we got back to southern California. It’s obviously more of a freeway culture here. So, we headed to South Bay Ford and bought a car from their fleet salesperson, who is an old friend of Sue’s. One nice thing about being back here is that our old support system is here, and we have lots of friends and contacts here who we know and trust.

We settled on the Escape, as we need at least one car that you can haul stuff around in. Sue’s new business may well entail stacking dozens of boxes of records in the Escape to move to our office. Can’t do that in my Prius.

We would have bought the hybrid version, but inexplicably, the hybrid was only available at an interest rate of 8.5% while the non-hybrid has a special 0% interest rate. That works out to a savings of at least $300 a month. So we went with the non-hybrid Limited version. How odd that Ford would make it so unappealing to buy a hybrid.

PS. It has Bluetooth, an iPod jack, GPS, Sirius, and lots more goodies. We pick it up today. W00t!