Dragonfly vertical farm for a future New York

dragonfly building

I’m of two minds about such fanciful, creative ideas for urban architecture and urban gardening. Sure, the ideas are brilliant and imaginative, but will they get build? More to the point, should they get built?

I mean, the only people who could work and live in such wondrous places are those who are already well-off. Everyone else need not bother to enter, except for those with jobs as support staff and presumably after passing through layers of security.

Such massive urban architecture often creates its own self-contained world with surrounding areas becoming irrelevant and probably falling into decay. Those inside the pleasure dome would never need to go outside. (Indeed, with this plan, the building is in a river, majestically isolated from everything else.) But this is no way to build a vibrant, alive city with people walking on the streets. Cities need to be for everyone, not just an elite few.


  1. “Cities need to be for everyone, not just an elite few.” What?! Do you propose that I mingle with *those* people?!? Silly potato.

  2. “Cities need to be for everyone…”

    Build’em any way you want– cities are not for me. Besides, someone has to do the farming! Maybe you can grow enough vegetabl;es to be self-supporting in one of those things, but what about livestock and dairy? They need space to be healthy. (Though I guess you could put a CAFO on a city rooftop!)

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