World’s first fully solar-powered motorcycle

solar powered motorcycle

Currently it goes 50 miles on a charge with a top speed of 90mph. The inventor hopes to boost the range to 300 miles

“Everyone told me I was crazy for doing it,” he said. “But I’m riding it and it works. And it could change everything. No gas, just hit the throttle and go,” he boasted.


  1. So go buy one. It’s apparently just a modified version of a commercially available electric bike. The pics look like he strapped on a couple of extra batteries to the rear (easily doable if balanced well) and draped some flexible solar collectors over it. Oh, and tweaked the limiter to get him up to 50mph, probably by over-driving the engines.

    The angle and positions of the collectors is really suspect, since I doubt the ones pointed down (look at the picture) are collecting much, even off a reflective white concrete driveway. The solar cells on the bike probably provide enough power per day to get a couple miles on the bike at best. The rest probably comes from plugging the bike in.

    Great to see electric bikes in the news, but to promote it as his invention, or as being “solar powered” is misleading at best.

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