Allen Stanford. Just who is he?

GQ has an in-depth article delving into Stanford’s rise to billionaire status, his alleged money laundering and role as DEA informant, and his amazingly brazen ways.

My take: His current weepy / angry persona and bizarre asking to be arrested are just ploys by a con man to pretending to be an unstable goofball worthy only of pity (and thus incapable of pulling off such a scam.)

Clusterstock profiles another DEA informant with a murky background. Yeah, I know, when you’re tracking down drug lords, the folks you get as informants aren’t exactly going to be boy scouts. But things do get murky here and it’s certainly possible that some people inside DEA are playing both sides too. Unless you think that such corruption only happen to police in Mexico and could never happen in the US.

Stanford hasn’t been indicted yet, but they are moving up the food chain.

Chief Investment Officer at Stanford Group indicted