The terror plane conspiracy theory

Remember that presidential jet that buzzed Manhattan? You probably thought it was just an idiotic mistake ordered by incompetents, right?

Not according to some, says Clusterstock, as they detail the various conspiracy theories. They wanted to hide Obama’s birth certificate in the Statue of Liberty (I am not making this up.) Or, they were testing ultra-fast engines so Airforce One could outrun a fighter jet (Certainly Manhattan is the best possible place to do this.) But these pale compared to the most bizarre explanation, as offered by one of their readers (who probably needs to up his meds.)

The flyover was a re-enactment of 911. Whoever wanted to convince himself that it is impossible to aim a plane at a building from the sky without a control centre.

The question is who was responsible for 911. And now that Obama knows, will he live to tell?

That Clusterstock mocks and scoffs these startling revelations is of course just further proof to the tinfoil hat 9/11 Truthers and fellow travelers of the Hideousness of the Conspiracy Against Them.

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  1. Wow, even Alex Jones didn’t have much to say about this. Those theories are waaay out there, even relative to the norm.

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