Getting settled

Sue and I made the move from SF to Orange County on Monday and Tuesday. Sue drove the 26 ft Penske truck (she’s a much better truck driver than me), I drove my Prius, along with two quite squeaky cats.

We got unloaded yesterday and are unpacking now. The cats are exploring our new, much larger place and have mostly stopped squeaking. We’ve moved three times in 28 months and the first night after a move, my cat Joey spends most of the time pacing, squeaking, and tries to climb up the walls while yowling at the ceiling. I have no explanation. He’ll be fine tonight.

It is real nice to be back in the Land of Warm again. It’s 84 now and a beautiful day.

We used to get people to help load and unload. They pay taxes, have workers comp, and can get people to you in an hour. They have 900 offices in the US. They charge me $15 an hour with a 4 hr. minimum per person, thus the workers are probably getting minimum wage. They did a great job on both ends and I tipped them $20 each.

Our home internet gets turned on tomorrow afternoon.  Good.