Teary Allen WhinyPants

I trusted my subordinates but tragically they betrayed me
I trusted my subordinates but tragically they betrayed me

The filing by court-appointed receiver Ralph Janvey [for Allen Stanford’s crumbled empire] describes a gaggle of businesses with bloated payrolls, high overhead and dozens of different accounting systems “seemingly designed to obfuscate holdings and transfers of cash and assets.”

Gosh, now why would anyone have financial records that mixed up and opaque? In a bizarre coincidence, the receiver also says $1 billion is missing. You suppose there’s a connection?

In one of the tiredest ploys of the trapped, Stanford is now blaming subordinates for the problems, saying he left all those pesky details for others to do. He’s also recently gotten alternately teary and hostile when questioned by reporters, moaned about the indignity of having to fly commercial and be searched plus the hideousness of having to live in his fiance’s “modest” house while begging for money for lawyers because his accounts are frozen.

You think the brothers on the cell block will pass him a hankie?