World’s largest solar power plants with thermal storage to be built in Arizona

concentrated solar-thermal power
concentrated solar-thermal power

Solar thermal stores the heat from the sun in tanks filled with molten salt so they can generate energy at night. Fascinating stuff, and a proven technology too. And now Arizona will be getting the world’s largest such facility.

Right now concentrated solar-thermal power is still expensive, but as more come online, the price will continue to drop for this clean, renewable energy source.


  1. These solar mega-projects are indeed fascinating but they have one disadvantage compared to residential solar panels. A portion of electrical power is lost when it is transmitted over distance. Putting solar panels on rooftops in population centers puts the power right where it is needed.

  2. OTOH residential solar (so far) doesn’t generate at night, requiring either expensive battery storage or alternate sources of power. The thermal storage of the mega-plants makes 24-hour generation possible.

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