AirPod and urban mobility vehicles

The AirPod has three wheels and runs on compressed air
The AirPod has three wheels and runs on compressed air

As ultra-small cars become more popular and their prices keep dropping, we could be faced with enormous numbers of new cars on the road. AutoBlogGreen explores what that could mean and presents ways to lessen the carbon load and cut down on traffic.

If most cars sit idle most the time, then carsharing could be viable, especially in cities. Other ideas include:

New bike lanes, promote buses, systems like Better Place, and “eMobiliy” (i.e., shopping from home and virtual travel) and the like. As these changes come into effect, Americans will, on average, drive one vehicle 12,000 miles a year instead of two vehicles 15,000 miles a year

Then there are urban mobility vehicles like the Airpod. No emissions. Great for running errands. And it operates on compressed air.

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  1. Air powered cars are less efficient than electric cars but I wonder if they would be better for the environment because they don’t require batteries made with toxic materials. It will all come down to what source of energy is used to compress the air that is supplied to these cars.

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