California budget train wreck

train wreck

Democratic activists at the annual state party convention blocked endorsement of several controversial budget measures on the upcoming May 19 special statewide election. Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed to all six ballot measures. If they don’t pass, the current budget agreement is dead.

Mayor Hair Gel of San Francisco is trying to straddle the issues by “grudgingly” endorsing the measures, but really, the propositions are so weasel-worded and deceptive, as well as being onerous, that they have little chance of passing.

For example, Prop 1C would “borrow” money from the lottery to use for the general fund, even though that money is specifically earmarked for education. It is titled the “Lottery Modernization Act.” That’s what I mean by weasel-worded.

But it’s Prop 1A that’s getting most of the heat. it’s touted as a “spending cap” and “budget reform” while in actuality it tries to institutionalize new, higher taxes.

If propositions were genuinely transparent and open about the quite real budget crisis, they might actually have a chance of passing. But apparently the Governator et al seem to think the populace are morons who should be lied to rather than treated as citizens.

They really should take a clue from Zappos, the wildly successful online shoe store who has built their admirable reputation by being genuinely being transparent, open, listening to customers, and then delivering superior service.

We need governments that work this way too.