Space-based solar power

If it works, space-based solar power would be extraordinary, zero carbon energy is created in space by solar panels, converted to radio waves and beamed to earth, then converted back into electricity.

Big Gav details the pros and cons, and speculates maybe this could be a cover for space weapons and wonders about the huge cost compared to terrestrial solar.

Still. What if it works and could scale to commercial levels?


  1. I just can’t believe that the process of conversion (from solar to radio, then radio back to electric) will not be so lossy as to make any gain vs just doing this on the ground.

    And the potential negatives (what does this do to the atmosphere, the ground, the surrounding areas) are just too large to write off without a real significant gain.

  2. neat idea unless they change it into some weapon like in James Bonds Moonraker haha

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