Disney is Evil Movie Review by Sue

A new twist on Disney and their recurring theme of dead mothers and traumatized babies — this time its dead babies and traumatized mothers.

Bob and I saw (part of) the new Disney movie, “Earth”, tonight.

Typical Disney set-up of moms and babies in danger, you just know somebody’s gonna get killed because the music tells you so.

We walked out just as the baby elephant was being chewed up by a pack of lions. Lion hanging off the baby’s anus. Baby elephant screaming. Horrified young children cringing in the audience. (It wasn’t the first miserable death on screen, either.)

Yes, I know, nature is savage and wild, blah blah. But it also doesn’t have a deep-voiced male voice-over and emotional manipulation. And the wilderness isn’t touted as child-friendly entertainment.

When it comes around your way, save your money and your children’s sanity and rent Winged Migration.

F***ing Disney.


  1. I completely agree with you! Where does Disney get off giving that movie a G rating? My son, who is a sensitive kid, was crying his eyes out, as we left at the very same scene that you did, right when a baby elephant was crying for his life. My son is still scarred. I agree nature is cruel, shoot, life is cruel, I don’t need to pay money to see it. I hope other parents will read this, so they can avoid the mistake that we made.

    • Thanks, Julie. I, too, feel strongly that this is *not* a G movie. Somebody was asleep at the ratings board!

  2. I agree disney is evil….. lion king,toy story 2,the little mermaid.and all disney movies…. stupid Walt disney…..D=…. and i agree with everyone here.

  3. Disney gets whatever rating they fill in on the submission form.

  4. I’ve always wondered about the mentality of the people who *film* this stuff….. who stand there and watch it happen and keep the cameras rolling.

    Hell, they set things up… and Disney is the worst purveyor of the type. You know about what really happened with the lemmings, right?

  5. Dude, I’m an adult biologist and I cried my eyes out. Of course I want fuzzy cute creatures to live! Death is horrifying, even when it serves a purpose -to feed other animals. Most nature films I’ve seen deal with this, not just Disney. National Geographic anyone? Mind you NG does not put on kid gloves like Disney does and then leave overprotective parents horrified at what their children have just seen.
    The movie voice-over gets you emotionally involved in the lives of animals, which I see as a plus. The narrator is correct -urban humans have lost that vital connection to that brutal, powerful, necessary cycle. Listen to you guys go on. Bet you would never think of sobbing over your hamburgers or chicken dinners at home but a movie makes you protest. Do I think little children should come out of a movie traumatized? Of course not don’t get all bent over my comments. But perhaps a little prepping about natural death and food etc is in order when children are young. It makes them more sensitive (in a GOOD way) to social inequity, environmental protection and so on later on. Meantime cuddle them after the nightmares, I guess. good luck.

  6. I understand and agree with arguments about knowing (and participating) in the source of our food.

    That said, Disney’s Grand Theme is dead moms and endangered/traumatized children (or in this case, dead children and endangered/traumatized moms).

    This theme is not suitable for the under-5 year old set.

    A G rating means that a film *is* suitable for the under-5’s.

    I also believe in truth in advertising — there is not an inkling in the promotional materials, trailers, etc. that a large part of the film will be about baby animals screaming as they are being torn into pieces.

    Don’t you think you’d want to know that, before attending the movie with your preschooler, who doesn’t yet comprehend the concept of death?

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