Pelosi and Harman

Fog machine juice
Fog machine juice

Speaker Pelosi suddenly recalls she knew about the Harman wiretap after all. Rep. Harman now decries wiretap authority she happily voted for. Do I have that right?

If Pelosi was picked up on the wiretap, then they must have been monitoring the other person. Or not. Hard to know what’s going on with the fog machines working overtime to confuse things. And why did all this get exposed now?


  1. I saw this yesterday and threw it on my Facebook. I find it justly deserving that Harman got hoisted by the bill she put on all of us. During an NPR interview she first denied that the calls even happened, then referred to them like they did happen. Finally she said:

    “And it seems to me very troubling and an abuse of power that members of Congress are wiretapped and may be some part of some kind of investigation. But I was never told.”

    As if members of Congress should have some special notice that they’re being illegally wiretapped, when normal citizens (thanks to the laws she voted for) don’t get notice even after the fact.

  2. “And why did all this get exposed now?”

    The most obvious reason would be the left over insider right wing trojans sending a horse head in the bed message to those that have the power to initiate investigations: “Cover up our crimes or prepare to be exposed!”

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