Former IMF chief economist. Break up Wall Street

Teddy Roosevelt breaks up the trusts
Teddy Roosevelt breaks up the trusts

Simon Johnson, former IMF chief economist, says the relationship between Wall Street and DC is too cozy. Clusterstock interviews him about the “two-way money-and-power corridor now running between Washington and the modern oligarchs Wall Street.”

Wall Street: “It’s Too Big, Too Powerful. It’s Dangerous” Simon argues that the U.S. should invoke anti-trust laws to break up Wall Street, whose power poses a material threat to the American economy.

More from his article in The Atlantic


  1. I think my post No Idiot with a photo copped at the Seattle Tea Bag Tantrum I captioned Business control of government is Fascism sums it up nicely.

    Could be wrong, ‘s happened a time or two. A time or two…

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