1. HRC also found the tryout tapes for the NOM bit, and posted them on YouTube. The try-outs are even sadder than the ad itself. The “actors” are flubbing lines, the one that plays the doctor in the ad is trying out for the school teacher role in the tryout tapes. And there’s even one guy that’s quite obviously gay himself, which makes you wonder what he was thinking when reading for the part. The sad part is that despite putting some effort in, the NOM ad really makes no sense:

    “I’m a California doctor, that much choose between my job and my faith” – How does gay marriage affect that? Abortion I could see, but how does gay marriage make a _doctor_ lose her job? Does she want to refuse to treat gay couples? In private practice she can still do that. I don’t get it?

    “I’m a child in school, and am losing my freedom” – Exactly what freedom are you losing? The freedom to be bigoted about gay marriage? You can still do that. There are still people in the south that are bigoted about inter-racial marriage. I find it funny how they don’t consider the loss of freedom of children of gay parents to have two legal guardians a loss, but this imagined loss is some how important enough to talk about.

    Every single part of the ad, when analyzed, has little to nothing to do with gay marriage. It *could* have, if they’d put some thought into it. Had they substituted the “doctor” with say a “county clerk”, who would be “forced” to issue gay marriage certificates or lose her job… That would at least make sense. But a doctor?

    The whole thing is just kind of silly. But again, this is setup to pull at people’s emotions, not their rational side. It’s centered on fear, not thought.

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