Signs of life in real estate


youragentsteph on Twitter, she’s a realtor in Houston

It’s crazy! I have 8 buyers that can’t find homes. Unbelievable how many buyers vs. listings out there right now

Jim The Realtor says a property in San Diego just got 52 offers.

Don’t want to get in a bidding war? No problem, there will be years of opportunities ahead.

We rented our new place through a realtor in Orange County CA. He says their business was dead for six months and now just in the past two weeks, phones are ringing off the hooks. Another realtor there, with 35 years experience, says this is about the lowest he has ever seen mortgage rates, and that has to be a prime reason for the increased buying.

I’ve also heard the Sacramento CA area, which got clobbered by the real crash, may be bottoming out.

Federal government initiatives to unclog the credit markets appear to be having the desired effect.