Obama is a fascist?

That what’s some of the more deranged teabaggers are saying today. You can also hear the same thing sometimes from the left.

Folks, under real fascism we wouldn’t be having open protests or blogs that comment on politics. Rather, there would be a knock on the door at 4am and you get disappeared and maybe your tortured body gets found in an alley a few days later. That’s what genuine governmental repression is, and for all its multitude of faults, this country has never been anywhere close to that.


  1. “Fascist” from the left? Tool of Wall Street investment bankers, sure, but fascist? Really?

    • I heard dark mutterings about the Bushies from revolutionary lefties calling him fascist and yes, have seen leftie blog posts that ominously imply that Obama is just Bush is disguise and equally vile and repressive.

    • Obama from the Left? How right wing we’ve become! At the G20, Obama allied with China to hold conservative positions in opposition to the moderate EU leaders. Some leftist.

  2. This is probably from the same groups that were calling him a “secret Muslim” and such. These people are based on myth, rumor, ignorance and fear. The scary part is they’re easily manipulated and are reproducing like rabbits.

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