Solar power from satellites for terrestrial homes

space solar power
Wikipedia. L: Part of the solar energy is lost in its way through the atmosphere by the effects of reflection and absorption. R: Space-based solar power systems are an attempt to convert in space, outside the atmosphere, to avoid these losses.

PG&E has signed the world’s first deal for solar power in space. Solar panels on satellites in space would create the power, which is then sent to earth via radio frequencies and converted back.

The utility noted that satellites routinely convert solar power to radio frequency energy and send it earthbound in the form of communications.

This initial test will be 200MW, enough to power upwards of 200,000 homes.

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  1. The question is, which loses more: Refelction of rays, or conversion of power to/from direct beam waves to transmit the power. I’m betting the latter is the more lossy, making this whole task moot.

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