Madoff left his own sister destitute

Pond scum
Pond scum

Madoff’s 74-year-old sister
is “is watering plants and driving people to the airport to make ends meet” because Bernie stole her money too. Meanwhile, his wife, it is thought, has “caches of laundered funds hidden around the world in her name.”

Meanwhile, feeder feed honcho Ezra Merkin has been charged with civil fraud by the State of new York and sued by billionaire Mort Zuckerman because of the lack of due diligence by his funds.

“Merkin represented that he ‘exercised reasonable care’ in selecting managers and made ‘periodic reviews,'” Zuckerman said in a complaint filed today in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. “There is no way Merkin could make such a representation without learning basic facts about Madoff’s operation, including the fact that Madoff had not made any stock purchases for at least 13 years.”