In past month, mass shootings claim 53 lives

Mott The Hoople – Violence

I’m a missing link, poolroom stink, I can’t talk
What’s going on, something’s wrong, I can’t work
Can’t go to school, the teacher’s a fool, the preacher’s a jerk
Got nothing to do, street-corner blues, and nowhere to walk
Violence, violence
It’s the only thing that’ll make you see sense

Of the seven recent mass murderers, only one, Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Poplawski, was linked to right wing ideology. Another cop killer, Lovelle Mixon in Oakland, was called “a true hero” at a vigil in his name called by a Black nationalist group (who obviously aren’t white supremacists at all.) The rest of the killers seem deranged loners with no political agenda at all.

So, what was Kos thinking?

kos twitter

Look, conservatives have been yelping about how the gummint wants to take away their guns for decades and the vast bulk of them do not kill cops. Really, they don’t. Lots of them even appear to like and support police. DailyKos often has some excellent stuff, but this remark by its founder is irresponsible and inaccurate.

I think a better question to ask – something we all might try to answer regardless of politics – is why is this country so freaking violent and why do we too often settle disputes with guns?