Shipping containers provide affordable housing

shipping container housing

Unused shipping containers can easily be reused to create affordable housing for low-income people or as temporary housing in disasters.

They are particularly well suited for constructing buildings, as they are stackable and their steel walls are durable, fireproof, and resistant to rust, mold, and termites. Shipping container homes can be constructed for far less cost than traditional building methods and use as much as 80 percent recycled materials. The homes can also be prefabricated.

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  1. We use shipping containers for storage– just bought another 40-footer for $2,300 delivered. They’re more cost-effective than other options. But they’d need a LOT of insulation and ventilation to make them inhabitable. The metal gets hot in the sun, making the interior stigling. And it sucks the heat from the interior when the temperature drops. We don’t store anything temperature sensitive, and in the summer we try not to go in.

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