Forbes: Survival guide for bankers at G20

Eek, an anarchist, squeals Forbes
Eek, an anarchist, squeals Forbes

This is comical. Forbes attempts to give advice on how to avoid rowdy G20 protesters this week in London.

Ditch the Logos. Skip the umbrella with your company name across the front. Stop by Boots and pick up a floral-printed compact brolly. It might appeal to the protesters’ environmental sentiments.

A flowered umbrella as camouflage? No, this isn’t satire. Forbes appears to be serious. And utterly clueless, like they’re trying to understand the Martians who just landed in their back yard or something.

Casual Thursday. Ditch the pinstripes and red braces. Can’t? Have a Che Guevara T-shirt underneath. Be ready to strip down fast.

Right. Pinstriped pants and a Che t-shirt will be sure to confuse demonstrators.

Don’t miss their Field Guide to the G-20 Protest Groups. SWP and the other socialists will no doubt be sorely pissed they weren’t listed and thus will probably go out of their way to torment bankers this week.