Are more people going insane now?

A lunatic slaughters his family and others in Alabama, eight murdered in a nursing home in North Carolina, complete derangement in Massachusetts , multiple murder-suicide in California – all for no apparent reason.

Is it just me or are there more mass murders happening lately?

And in another sign that the apocalypse neareth.

School vehemently denies vampire infestation

No, that is not a joke…


  1. People have always been nuts, but they are more affluent overall (have access to weapons and transportation), stressed and feeling entitled, and realize they’re more likely to get their 15 seconds of fame, like Mr. Cho, if they do something hideous.

    The MSM feeds us ugliness on a daily basis. If beauty or humility were glorified, then that is what these ego hounds would pursue. But that project would be antithetical to their angst.

  2. No. You could do a study and statistically it would show in a ratio that people are not becoming more insane. The apocalypse is not coming.

    You can contribute this to the higher population of people and better news coverage whom also enjoy a good death story.

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