Lovelle Mixon aftermath

new american media

New American Media, a collaboration of ethnic media organizations, has run several stories on Lovelle Mixon, who killed four Oakland Police officers last Saturday.

You may or may not agree with the various slants of the articles. Nonetheless, they are worth reading. Topics range from whether Mixon is now an “infamous legend,” what police retaliation to youth in the area could be like, the difficulties ex-cons face once back on the streets, and the surprisingly level-headed response from incarcerated youth.

I Feel Your Pain

I can feel your pain. When I lost my cousin in the streets, and my partner too, I was very mad, sad, and even ready to go do something very stupid.

I wish the best to all the families, even the family of the young man who did the shooting. To the families of the officers, I think that you should not take it out on Lovelle Mixon’s family. Just like I didn’t take it out on the killer’s family when my cousin Davon died.

Pray for each other,


New American Media is an important and vital resource. Check it out.